2016 Mom News Update, November 2015

Hello everybody,

Yes, I know it’s been a while that you have not heard from me, but I can assure you that I have not been idle:))
And so the 2016 program is all up and confirmed now and even the daily program pages are going up on the website as we speak!
It means that you can fully inform yourself now, what exciting things will await you in 2016. I have been lucky enough to retain most of last years amazing teachers and put together a great program again (if I may say so myself).
Phil 1I already told you about our new addition to the teachers crew, and Phil Griffin is coming very highly recommended by Linsey (of all people), so I’m especially delighted to build his expertise into the program, that perfectly fits the bill of our kind of music festival.
I also decided to ignore inflation and offer the same prices again for 2016.
That means that the whole week costs $ 645 again, and I encourage you to register soon, as I will have to cap the numbers again in 2016. Luckily I didn’t have to disappoint anyone last year, but we came very close (for registration and bank details see the “register” page on the website).
I’m pretty sure that some of you have already booked our wonderful accommodation deals, but if you haven’t, I would not wait much longer, as too many of you now know, how well-priced some of the rooms on offer are (for contact details see website). Also consider that labour day has been changed back to May in Queensland so our first weekend will be a long one and therefore accommodation might be a bit more sought after than in previous years.
As far as next years meal deal is concerned (a bit of a bone of contention last time – pardon the pun), I can already announce that it will include only lunches and dinners, that it therefore will only cost $ 195 and that it will be very health food oriented. You will get a detailed menu beforehand around February and can then decide based on that, if you want to take it or not. The meal suggestions already put forward by Zaia are mouth watering, Dom and myself are really determined to get that lusciously right next year! If you didn’t meet Zaia last year, she is not only a musician, but also runs in-house permaculture courses, so has much experience in offering great and wholesome meals for health conscious groups of people!
But enough talking for now, I know you all have busy lives …:)
But please tell your friends that it’s all happening again and drag them along – they won’t regret it. Below is our new poster and flier for you to download and share, many thanks!
I hope to see you all on the island again in May and wish you a great rest of the year!
Lots of music, laughs and love
2016 Postcard MOM.indd2015 A3 MOM Poster.indd
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