The 40 hour Jammin’

In breaking news we just managed to add on a wonderful event to Music on Magnetic!

Shenzo Gregorio, the amazing Australian string player recently held a 40 hour jam session in support of research into motor neuron disease with heaps of Brisbane area musicians pitching in and with great public support.

Based on this great success he has decided to put on more of these 40 hour Jammin’s in different locations in Australia and overseas, and Magnetic Island and Townsville is on of the chosen ones.

Thus we were able to arrange for the 40 hour Jammin to start immediately after Music on Magnetic, so both teachers and students can contribute and have some extra fun jamming with each other and local musicians or simply listening in.

The jam starts on Saturday morning at 8am in Picnic Bay and keeps going through the night in different locations on the island, then moves over to Townsville on the ferry (still playing …) early Sunday morning and finishes in Townsville on Sunday night at midnight.

So a wonderful extra event to participate in in whatever form as a player or audience member and supporter!

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