Phil Griffin

Ukulele Ensemble
Unlimited numbers – open for all
Phil will be creating a multi-part ukulele ensemble/orchestra with whoever comes along on whichever level of expertise (and if you play another string instrument, you are most welcome, too).
Creating and composing for community ensembles is Phil’s speciality, and you will be amazed what he will conjure up with the group. And along the way (and apart from some serious fun) you will greatly improve your own playing technique.

Accompaniment for guitarists
Restricted to 12 participants
The workshop will focus on how to play with another instrument or voice (your own or someone else’s). This is not about playing with a whole band, it’s about the intimate exchange/relationship between instrument-instrument or instrument-voice, an area, which is so important, but is rarely properly addressed in workshops and in music education. So don’t miss out on learning a new and central skill for every guitarist and/or singer.

Philip Griffin has been playing and teaching music for as long as he can remember.  He studied (and later taught) classical guitar at the WA Conservatorium of Music, but has also played a wide variety of other plucked string instruments including oud, ukulele, laouto, electric bass and steel-string guitar. He loves accompanying singers and instrumentalists and some of his most treasured memories of performing are in this domain of music-making. He has music directed many ensembles, bands, orchestras and choirs, from standard music theatre shows to the NZ Ukulele Development Squad and original orchestral compositions in between.

He has written music for theatre for the Royal Shakespeare Company in London, Sydney Theatre Company and State Theatre of South Australia.Over many years Philip has collaborated with regular Music on Magnetic teacher Linsey Pollak.His community music making activities including founding and conducting several choirs from the WA Combined Union Choir which he started 25 years ago, to community choirs in Auckland and Adelaide.

Recent years have seen him devote much effort to classical singing and he has sung many recitals, opera and oratorio, mainly as a soloist, but also as a chorister with such choirs as the London Philharmonic Chorus, NZ Opera and Auckland Choral Society.

Apart from music, Philip is very interested in birds, frogs, reptiles and anything that crawls, hops or flies around and he is very much looking forward to communing with the stone-curlews on Magnetic Island.