Bernadette Ashley

Salsa Circle

Bernadette will introduce you to Salsa Rueda, a Cuban form of Salsa dancing in a circle, which is both great fun and also ideal for beginners. It was developed in Havanna in the early 1950s and has elements of other dance styles like Mambo, Rumba and Jive.

Bernadette Ashley is a writer, reviewer, and artist whose love for dance motivated her to establish Movimiento, a dance school, which teaches mainly street styles from Latin America while also providing their cultural context. She has taught dance since 2004, specialising in Cuban styles, and has trained in Havana and Santiago de Cuba a number of times. Bernadette is also the creator and artistic director of the “El Dia de Los Muertos Festival”, Townsville, also known as Flavours of Latin America, held annually in early November.