Bobby Alu

Island Singing

Bobby will teach you songs from his own Polynesian heritage mixed in with his own style of relaxed hammock harmonies and fresh world music beats. It’s a unique opportunity to taste some of the best music coming out of multicultural Australia in the last few years.

Uke island style

You will have the great opportunity to learn both the singing and instrumental parts of Bobby’s music, as in this course he will teach you the ukulele parts of some of his best songs. His two courses will then combine to create a fantastic group groove at the end of the festival.

Bobby Alu is an accomplished songwriter and travelling musician born on the Gold Coast. He has been a singer, ukulele strummer and drummer since he can remember. Whether it’s just him and the baritone ukulele or backed by a slick charismatic band, Bobby is known for his signature smooth hammock music and high vibes. Inspired by his Polynesian heritage and following a strong family lineage of performers he writes songs of love, life and travel.

As one of Australia’s top drummers performing around the world for the past 6 years (most recently for Xavier Rudd), it was a swift progression from stepping out from behind the drum-kit to taking the mike. In the last few years he has created his own signature style of music, a fresh, simple sound with tastes of Polynesian ukulele, pacific beats, catchy melodies, tasty harmonies and powerful log drumming on a bed of slick style making you feel like you’re in a hammock or a slave to the beat.