Dominique Abraham

Dress up and mask-up for the Great Magnetic Circus

Dom will assist you in finding your costume and ‘face’ for the Great Magnetic Circus performance on the last evening. Please bring along some costume and mask/make-up material you might want to use and Dom will help you to make more than the best with it!

Dominique Abraham has been working as a professional fire performer with her troupe the Fire Flyz for over 7 years on Magnetic Island. Her performances have included the Townsville City Council CBD opening, corporate events, Magnetic island Bay Dayz Festival events (including the 2012 Wulgurukaba Dreamtime Story Fire Show), Full Moon parties, regional festivals and wedding performances. Dominique has regular classes teaching hoop, twirl, fire, paint and glow and is in an ongoing process of translating the new skills she learns herself to her workshops. She is a great motivator and inspires others to become involved in her passion. Her family also runs our venue, The Picnic Bay Hotel and Water Garden Oasis, and it is largely due to her and her mothers support of Music on Magnetic that we can run our festival.