Greg Sheehan

Buck-It Percussion

Greg will teach basic drum-stick percussion techniques using plastic buckets to tease amazing sounds out of. He will also introduce different types of world music rhythms – and you will take home your own ‘buck-it’ percussion instrument!

Photography for all

You will see a very different side of Greg in this course. Over the past few years, he has dedicated a great amount of time to photography and has become a very renowned photographic artist. He will share his skills by taking you on various excursions on the island, exploring different photographic tasks – a wonderful combination of being in nature and learning about photography!

Greg Sheehan is a rhythm magician. His astounding musicality and warm heart shine through the instruments he plays. He is firmly in the realm of Australia’s great musical innovators, with his propensity for experimentation and exploration on all sorts of percussion instruments.

Greg is widely regarded internationally as an expert in his field. As a performer, he is significantly represented in the last four decades of Australian contemporary music as a solo artist, a live band member and a studio musician on hundreds of recordings.

As a teacher Greg has coordinated many extraordinary community arts projects along with teaching professionals, students and the wider community, sharing his unique style of rhythmic notation and original body percussion techniques.