Shenzo Gregorio

Strings Attached

Whatever string instrument you will bring along to Music on Magnetic, Shenzo will have you covered and will teach you new ways to play and have fun with your instrument, forming sweet morsels of stringers delight in the process. This workshop is not listed in the program, as we don’t know Shenzo’s busy schedule yet, but it’s definitely going to happen!

40 Hour Jammin

A 40 hour jam starting on the last Saturday of Music on Magnetic in support of research for motor neurone disease. Music on Magnetic participants are especially encouraged to participate as jammers or listeners. Look up the details in the news page or visit the website:

Shenzo Gregorio aka Shenton Gregory is one of Australia’s most sought after string players (violin, viola, mandolin, guitar, bass) not only because of his technical prowess, but also because he covers all different styles from classical to Gypsy with equal ease and virtuosity. He has played/plays with groups like FourPlay, Monsieur Camembert, Doch, his own Stunt Orchestra and has recently been involved in major Circus Projects. In November 2017 he launched his “40 hour Jammin”, which saw him improvise for 40 hours non-stop with many amazing Brisbane musicians in support of motor neurone disease research.