Zaia Kendall

Marimba Magic

Simple, happy and uplifting three or four part marimba tunes that everyone can play! Zaia will also add some hand percussion if there is interest in the group, and every day she will do a body percussion warm up with one or two “Odd Rhythms” to get the blood flowing.

Zaia grew up in a family of musicians in Holland,  dabbled in percussion as a teenager and started playing Djembe and other African Percussion upon moving to the Sunshine Coast in Australia in 2001. She only started playing melodic instruments in early 2006, when she was introduced to the diatonic (wooden) marimba by Australian music icon Linsey Pollak.
She has been involved in various percussion bands: Latin American Percussion, Marimba and Gypsy Bands. She played in Big Bara Boom, Kkarimba and Jambezi, and is still active with The Pyrophone Juggernaut and The Unusual Suspects. Through Linsey Pollak she became extremely interested in various odd rhythms, particularly Balkan style rhythms like 7/8, 9/8, 11/8 and 13/8 etc.

Zaia conducts marimba and percussion lessons and workshops and composes her own music, releasing her solo CD “Breaking Barriers” under Katalytic in 2014. Zaia also recorded with Big Bara Boom, Kkarimba and the Unusual Suspects and has performed at Woodford Folk Festival on the Sunshine Coast in Australia since 2008. She is actively involved in community music and in 2016 did a music collaboration with India based Maati Baani, with Linsey Pollak and Allaa Wardi  (released January 2017). She runs music workshops at festivals and events, has led the percussion section of the Woodford Folk Festival People’s Orchestra since 2014 and performs regularly.

She also runs a Permaculture Farm and Demonstration site ( with her husband, permaculture teacher and consultant Tom Kendall on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia. They are working towards closing the input / output cycle on their farm “Maungaraeeda”, are nearing self sufficiency and teach regular permaculture courses.